GITA 1 Projects


Yo, I'm Ellie Starkey and I'm one of the only programmers at U.F.O. Tech. This year (2017 - 2018), we have made several projects in HTML. I'll post them here with a description on what it is and what I used to do it (mostly really bad drawings made with MS Paint and a mouse). Enjoy your stay on my page version 2.0! Also, if you're now in GITA 2 and you're using my projects to view the source, that's pretty rude. Do your own work.

What We're Learning

In GITA 1, we begin to learn the basics of C#. We learn how to design the interface of programs and how to use logic to code our projects. Check out my projects for further information.

Semester 1                                  Semester 2

Ashley Madison Project

Date: 8/31/17

This webpage summarizes what happened during the Ashley Madison hack and the repercussions of the leaked data. We learned how to use paragraphs, links, and images.

Technology Project

Date: 9/11/17

For this project, everyone got to choose a newly developed technology. I chose 360° cameras because they're pretty cool. I love watching 360 horror videos with Google Cardboard. (Try watching Panic! at the Disco's Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time music video like that. If you don't throw up I'll give you whatever is currently in my wallet.) We learned how to put links on images, use a style sheet, and change the color of the text for the link.

Business Card Project

Date: 9/20/17

In this project we made a business card using the school's information and a QR code. No, I'm not lazy or unoriginal. I really like the font Consolas for websites and I made the background. Okay, maybe I am too lazy to change the background but I really do like that font.

Cool Collage

Date: 9/26/17

In this project, you make a collage of pictures and captions. You learn how to set absolute and relative locations.

Calorie Tracker

Date: 10/6/17

Quickly! Destroy your summer body and get ready for your winter body! This website calculates information you enter to find how many calories you burn. You use text boxes and buttons to do this.


Date: 10/10/17

I swear I'm not cringy I'm just really uncreative. You learn to use text boxes to create a new form with the text you entered.

Cool Boards

Date: 10/18/17

I officially declare my website to have a "cool" theme. We use the same methods as last year's Car Rental project. We use radio buttons and checkboxes to calculate the customer's price.

Craps (Again)

Date: 10/30/17

We make craps again but this time in HTML. We learn how to use if statements and random numbers in Javascript.


Date: 11/9/17

If you're just starting GITA, you may not have realized just yet how EXTREME coding is. I had the honor of working with the brilliant Logan Rios and the lovely Christine Wang. In this program, you collaborate with people to make coding look extreme (Which it is. I don't know why Mr. S doesn't think it is.) by making a video and writing about it.

Semester 2 Projects

Coming January

Guys, chill, it's November.


Here at U.F.O. Tech, our main goal is to always provide quality service! Our main programmer, Ellie Starkey, aspires to do something fun with the knowledge she is obtaining from GITA. She doesn't know whether that will be designing websites or creating games; she just wants to enjoy doing it.

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